Put Your Child's Best Foot Forward With Flexible, Lightweight Pedoodles®

These innovative leather shoes let young feet walk happy & healthy!

Kalispell, MT – A child’s first steps are one of parents’ most treasured memories. To help parents ensure their children’s little feet develop properly, Pedoodles® is revolutionizing children’s footwear with fun, fashionable shoe collections that are specially designed for crawlers and young walkers.

Pediatricians consider the first year of a child’s life to be crucial to the development of their feet. Since babies’ feet are extremely soft and pliable, any abnormal, repetitive pressures can cause a child’s foot to become deformed. Pedoodles® First Feet Collection is designed specifically for such crawlers and novice walkers from 0-24 months. This colorful shoe collection has no laces or ties; instead it makes use of an expandable entry system with Velcro closure designed specifically for growing children. This First Feet innovation allows infants’ feet to slide into the shoes easily and does not leave constrictive elastic marks on the ankle – but they stay on!

“Many foot problems are not diagnosed until our adult years, due to neglect and lack of proper care earlier in life; therefore it’s critical for parents to recognize the importance of healthy footwear”, explains Leesa Valentino, vice-president of Pedoodles®. “Our shoes naturally flex and form to a child’s changing feet, and our soft, flat insoles create a seamless foot bed for optimum comfort.”

The First Feet Collection is made of top grade, flexible, breathable natural leather that helps promote healthy conditions around developing feet. Pedoodles®’ exclusive PedFlex™ is a flat rubber sole that is lightweight and provides durability and traction outdoors. These shoes also have plenty of wiggle room for tiny toes, and do not have arches, which foot specialists recommend.

With lots of colorful styles to choose from, the First Feet Collection features adorable characters to capture every child’s imagination and spur fashion sense at an early age. Styles for girls and boys include Brenda Butterfly, Kimberly Kitty, Libby Ladybug, Dog Doggy, Fred Froggy, and Frank Fish; all of which feature the unique Velcro closure. Other First Feet offerings include suede bootie styles such as Little Starlet, Tiny Timber and Green Pebootle.

The Pedoodles® Next Steps Collection is designed especially for young walkers and runners 1-4 years of age. Made of the same high quality, soft, flexible, natural leather construction as the First Feet Collection, the Next Steps Collection features either Velcro closures or unique sliding clasps to secure the foot as well as PedFlex™ flat rubber soles. This hip lace–free collection offers a variety of styles and colors that are sure to kick start a life-long shoe obsession.

Next Steps styles include the rebellious Retro Tennies, the Sporty (with racing stripes), Red Bowlers, Beachcomber sandals, Flutterby sandals, Ruby Janes, Flower Power, and many other styles including several fun leather boots.

“It’s critical for parents to recognize the importance of healthy footwear and the qualities to look for when purchasing shoes for their little one,” adds Valentino. “We offer fun, stylish high quality footwear that parents appreciate and kids really love to wear.”

About Pedoodles®

Pedoodles® was created in 2004 with the goal of helping kids develop on the right foot. By focusing on foot-healthy protective designs that children literally beg to wear, Pedoodles® has created a global community of loyal young Pedooligans (a.k.a. little customers) and parents. Because children have their own unique taste and grow at their own pace, Pedoodles® are available in a wide variety of styles with sizes including: Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-12 months), Large (12-18 months), X-large (18-24 months), XXL (2-3 years), and XXXL (3-4 years). To purchase online or to find a retailer near you, please visit the Pedoodles® Web site at www.pedoodles.com or call 877-PUT-ON-FUN (877-788-6638).

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