LA’s The Place Gives Pawparazzi Top Pick for 2010!

Introducing Four New Pawparazzi Pets by Noodle Head

Top Pick for 2010!
Just as Hollywood creates new A-List celebrities every year, Pawparazzi Pets by Noodle Head creates new in-demand plush celebrity toy pets too. Kids love to collect them and now there are four new Pawparazzi Pets that have hit the runway and they’re ready for their close-up!

Introducing a New Litter of Pawparazzi Pets
Whether your child has an interest in cooking, performing, surfing or yoga, there is the perfect pet to suit his or her likings. Karma (Yoga Master), Cooper (Legendary Surfer), Woofgang (Celebrity Chef), and Salsa (Singing Sensation) are accessory-filled playsets ready for imaginative kids! New sets highlight each pet’s personality and increase the play value and collectability of these little pets living large!

Girls want to collect them all!

Extra Goodies
Every set comes standard with pet, purse and blanket, but the new sets include these amazing extras:

• Clothing and Accessories matching the pet’s personality

• Trading Card filled with fun pet facts!

• 8.5” x 11” Pet Poster – great for hanging on bedroom walls!

• AND, the most exciting feature of all…the Packaging doubles as a Playstage!*

*Kids can pull out the stage and let their imaginations run wild in the fantasy world of Pawparazzi!

Eco-friendly Packaging
As the packaging doubles as a stage for your child to prance her or his pet across, this not only adds a fun new dimension for play, but its environmentally responsible as it is re-usable packaging! It’s a lot of fun bundled in these sets for only $21.95 each.

Four New Pawparazzi Pet Sets!

Four New Stars

Woofgang Set Includes:
Pet, Purse, Blanket, Trading Card, Chef Hat and Scarf, Frying Pan, Cleaver, Poster, and Kitchen Scene Playstage

Karma Set Includes:
Pet, Purse, Blanket, Trading Card, Yoga mat, Yoga Top and Pants, Trading Card, and Park Playstage Poster.

Salsa Set Includes:
Pet, Purse, Blanket, Guitar, Sparkly Dress, and Concert Scene Playstage

Cooper Set Includes:
Pet, Purse, Blanket, Surfboard, Board Shorts, Trading Cards, and Pants, Poster, and Beach Scene Playstage

Planet Pawparazzi
Another exciting creation launching in October, is Planet Pawparazzi. Planet Pawparazzi is a special online world where kids will get to play, learn and be entertained by the celebrity pets they love and collect! And thankfully, its no charge to you, parents! Hours of online fun for your child for free. Visit for more details.

Moms’ Seal of Approval
Mom knows best and this is what some Moms have to say about Pawparazzi Pets:

“All of the accessories are just like the real thing, only mini. Everything about it is just like a real pet, only smaller and cuter!”

“My daughter loved it, and so did her friends. The girls can’t wait to collect them all!”

Awards for Pawparazzi Pets
Awarded on their creativity and usefulness in encouraging a child’s imagination, Pawparazzi Pets are “Oscar Award-winning”. Here are just a few awards they have won:

PTPA Media 2009 Best Product (
Creative Child Magazine 2009 Seal of Excellence
Mom’s Best 2008 Award Winner (
TD Monthly Magazine 2008 Top Toy Award (

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