Youth Markets Alert - Pawparazzi Plush Expand Virtually!

Toy Company Noodle Head expands Pawparazzi, a collection of plush collectible toys, by launching a companion virtual world, Planet Paparazzi. The line -­­ aimed at girls 6-11 - “borrows” celebrity characteristics for its plush dogs, such as Woofgang the celebrity chef in homage to Wolfgang Puck, and the virtual world plays up the star appeal by allowing girls to virtually visit the Hotel Pawparazzi or become a contestant on a celebrity Quiz Show.

Rather than launch both the real and virtual products simultaneously, the staggered introduction enables Noodle Head to incorporate consumer feedback. One change find the company updating the product packaging and accessories to better define its characters, says Noodle Head’s Susan DeCoste.

“Kids become very connected to the characters and we [want] to strengthen that connection.” This means Woofgang expands from coming with one accessory to encompassing a purse, blanket, trading card, poster, chef’s hat, scarf, frying pan, and kitchen play scene printed on the box. [TOYS/ONLINE]

SOURCE: Noodle Head, Susan DeCoste, 3080 N Sullivan Rd., Bldg 2, Ste A, Spokane Valley, WA 99216; 805-962-3084; ;

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