Knickerbocker Glory Launching 70 Nordstrom Doors Nationwide!

Shipping Mid-June 2011

Knickerbocker Glory is proud to announce that Nordstrom will become a featured stockist for our premium line of children’s undergarments. Knickerbocker Glory Underouts will be available at 70 Nordstrom locations nationwide.

Knickerbocker Glory is a premium brand of children’s undergarments designed to be fabulously soft, comfy, fashionable, fun and ok (if not purely intended) to be seen by the outside world. The world is full of fun activities for girls and Knickerbocker Glory believes she should be thinking about her next adventure…..and not about her underwear. That’s why we designed “Underouts”.

Our new breed of premium underwear gives parents peace of mind, and girls the freedom to wear, and do, what they want, unrestricted by their clothing choices. The perfect combination of comfort and style, girls mix and match “Underouts” with every outfit.

Made from our special blend of 31% organic cotton, 65% modal, and 4% lycra, “Underouts” have a perfectly snug and stretchy fit that is luxuriously soft, breathable, and durable. From the Bocker line of bottoms to the Cami line of tops, our designs are created for supreme comfort-no tight bands, no itchy tags, lace or seams, just a perfectly snug and stretchy fit.

“Underouts” come in eight fabulous colours and four fun styles, MSRP range from $17 to $22 each. Each pair comes in bright, fun, sustainable packaging. Wearing her “Underouts” by Knickerbocker Glory she’ll reach for the stars, jump, laugh out loud, and when you ask her why, she’ll just smile and say, “Because I Want To…..”

Contact: Knickerbocker Glory / (888) 400-2431
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