TD Monthly Magazine Highlights Noodle Head's new Pawparazzi Value Line

Noodle Head Offers New Value Line Just In Time For Holidays

Noodle Head’s Purr-fect Plush Gifts Will Bow-Wow Your Customers
By Justina Huddleston, TD Monthly Magazine

Noodle Head Inc’s popular Pawparazzi sets will be available just in time for the
holidays in a new value line, perfect for customers who’ve had to pinch their pennies in
the recent tough economy.

We’re offering Pawparazzi pets and accessories in fun new packaging and introducing
them at a lower price point than the boxed sets,” Susan DeCoste, Marketing and
Communications Manager at Noodle Head Inc, told TDmonthly.

However, they’re making sure that a lower price point doesn’t
mean lower-quality — though the packaging is different, Noodle Head is still offering a
wide variety of pets and accessories to enhance the Pawparazzi experience. “We’re
excited to be expanding and increasing the play value of the
Pawparazzi line,” DeCoste told us.

The new line features six Pet Sets that include a variety of items for kids to play with — a plush pet, a clothing accessory, a trading card, and a sticker — all packaged in a handy vinyl purse.

The line is further fleshed out with a variety of imaginative, themed clothing sets that can fit any of the pets. From Diva Ballerina, featuring a dress, headband, purse, and wand, to Winter Fun, which includes a backpack, hat, scarf and skis, the outfits help kids develop their pets’ personalities.

For little ones that are looking for a friend to cuddle with, Noodle Head is offering Snuggly Bed Sets: a plush pet bed in either pink or purple that comes with a soft, snuggly blanket. Noodle Head also offers the convenient Snuggle Paws plush-pet blanket carriers, perfect for travel and nap time.

Kids that wish their plush pal was an actual pooch or cat will
like the Lifestyle Dining Sets. These come with a leash, a collar, a dining mat that
comes in a bone or fish theme, and a bowl. Kids can practice for the real thing by
taking their new friend for walks,feeding them, and more.

The new line is being introduced in September, just in time for the Holidays season - along with two new boxed-set Pawparazzi Pets. DeCoste told us in May that Noodle Head will release Mindy, a wildlife expert, and re-release Cocoa, “one of our very first pets - a free-spirited actor.”

Keep your eyes peeled for these purr-fect new gift items this fall.

Noodle Head, Inc. is dedicated to creating toys that encourage imagination, creativity and fun. Whether it’s a passion for fashion, noodling over a project, or just “making-believe”, Noodle Head wants kids to get out and play! Visit and for more details.

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