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Pregnancy is a beautiful miracle, but there are still a lot of body adjustments that can make expecting mothers count their sores before their blessings! One common occurrence is swelling in the legs due to increased pressure on the veins. As the pressure increases, the body has to work harder to circulate the blood, and blood can pool throughout the legs as a result. Swollen feet, tingling, and varicose veins are common complaints. So what can pregnant women do to feel better? Preggers by Therafirm™ provides gradient compression stockings, tights, and socks that can be a woman’s best defense against leg and feet discomfort during pregnancy.

People’s fondest memories are often associated with tangible things. Vivid images of a warm summer’s day go hand-in-hand with the colorful sno-cone machine that absolutely everyone had to try. And who could forget those childhood visits to the county fair, when all the kids joyously tore into the fluffy cones of cotton candy? Companies like Nostalgia Electrics and Pennsylvania Dutch Candies are bringing back the old-fashioned treats people love, while Zoku and Fundex provide fun experiences that help make new memories for both today’s youth and the young at heart.

When it comes to letting children’s creativity shine through, BenBat steps up to the plate and hits a home run! BenBat products are fun, original and customizable. One of BenBat’s innovative products is the GoVinci: an all-in-one backpack, drawing table, and art frame that enables a child to place a piece of their own artwork on display for everyone to see. This unique backpack provides a sturdy work surface and is solidly constructed to withstand a child’s active day of play.

Wiggy Studio / Angel Toes

Satsuma, founded in 2007 by Jennifer Porter, is an eco-conscious baby apparel, soft goods and accessories that offers parents natural, healthy alternatives in everyday baby wear and bedding. The word “Satsuma” refers to a tangerine-like fruit available in Asia. The name fits the company well. It’s fresh, exotic, natural and just plain sweet! Jennifer was motivated to create the Satsuma brand because she realized that more and more parents wanted to outfit their babies in stylish, trendy gear, but also wanted to know exactly where those products came from and what went into the manufacturing process.

Everyone is aware of the children’s obesity problem in our country. To help children, what better way to make them “move more” than playing with toys that require hopping, jumping, crawling or running around? With summer approaching, it’s the perfect opportunity for kids to get up and go with toys that make exercise fun! Stock up on kinetic toys from Active People, Aerobie, Whitewings and New Tech Kites, and celebrate the non-lazy days of summer!

In the late 1990s, Lena Wu-Fuentes surveyed the racks of the children’s clothing section of a department store, and thought the selection was boring. The style was same-old, same-old: striped shirts and overalls for boys and flowered tops and jeans for girls. While these fashions were functional, they did little to set a child apart from the playground crowd. Lena decided to inject the children’s fashion industry with a little bit of attitude. That’s when the idea for Shrnk (pronounced “shrunk”) was born. Shrnk stands for “Stylish Hip Rags for Newborns and Kids”.

See Kai Run

In anticipation of autumn weather, hats are hot for kids! Fun, funky, and fabulous, hats are an essential topper to retailers’ array of fall fashion accessories. In addition to providing protection from the elements, hats add a perfect touch of color and style to outfits. Wool newsboy hats for boys are reminiscent of simpler days, and colorful bonnets offer timeless appeal to little girls, while cool bucket hats are in from coast to coast. The Giggle Guide® recommends on-trend headwear from Gigis Apparel, San Diego Hat Company, Susu & John and Little Lids.

Children have long enjoyed cuddly woodland creature characters. From books and cartoons to toys and games, these adorable furry friends hold a special place in the hearts of most kids. For those who can’t get enough of these kinds of toys, Calico Critters is a dream come true. It brings a magical world of forest animals to life with beautiful dolls, homes, clothing and accessories. The animal families live happily in a place called Cloverleaf Corners, and they each feature unique individual characters designed to grab a child’s attention.

On cool summer nights, brisk fall afternoons and winter times, the best way to make a special memory with loved ones is to snuggle in close and enjoy the season. Throw off those flimsy terry towels and worn-out blankets and wrap up in style. Whether silly, elegant, playful, or practical, The Giggle Guide® has found these brands of towels, blankets, and accessories to keep the family snug happy: Tiny Turnip, maamam, The Lenti Zoo, and Barefoot Dreams.

Caletha Crawford
All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC Kids Expo)

Dance has always been a popular pursuit for children, and why wouldn’t it be? It allows kids to expend energy and express emotions while fulfilling their desire for dress-up and role-play. Many find it’s an excellent alternative to traditional sports for fun, fitness, and friend making. Dance also has a tendency to bring out a bit of the glam diva instinct, with girls gravitating toward eye-catching costumes and accessories where diversity and variety are key. The Giggle Guide® applauds the following brands for leading the troupe: Lexi-Luu, Pomchies, Funky Diva, and Sassi Designs.