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Dance has always been a popular pursuit for children, and why wouldn’t it be? It allows kids to expend energy and express emotions while fulfilling their desire for dress-up and role-play. Many find it’s an excellent alternative to traditional sports for fun, fitness, and friend making. Dance also has a tendency to bring out a bit of the glam diva instinct, with girls gravitating toward eye-catching costumes and accessories where diversity and variety are key. The Giggle Guide® applauds the following brands for leading the troupe: Lexi-Luu, Pomchies, Funky Diva, and Sassi Designs.

Cheerleading and pageant competitions are about one thing: standing out. Competitors can’t buy talent or athleticism, but they can buy eye-catching apparel to draw the judges’ attention. In addition to featuring flexible fabrics for active movement, costumes for these competitions should be age-appropriate and reflect individual style. For child pageants, Spoiled Little Mama and Butterfly Kisses are go-to experts for customized looks. Want to become the dealer of choice for your local school’s cheer and drill uniforms? Consider Motionwear for winning styles, along with briefs, tops, and accessories from JB Bloomers.

“Tell me a story.” How many times have you heard that from your kids? Yes, clamoring for a tale is an excellent way to stall lights out, but there’s more to it than that. Everyone enjoys a good yarn, whether they’re telling it or hearing it for the first time. Being a storyteller puts you at the center of attention. If the tale is captivating, your audience will be in thrall as they wait for each word. The power of narrative to draw listeners in is equally powerful in business.

Wiggy Studio / Angel Toes
Fairy Finery Inc

Mention the name Berlingot to anyone in France and they know you are talking about a superior line of baby products. Today, many North American retailers and consumers are becoming more familiar with this brand’s fine line of baby fashions, linens, and gift items. Berlingot has created a world of gift giving for babies and toddlers under the age of four. They carry absolutely everything you can think of when it comes to baby clothing, bedroom décor, toys, and plush pals. At Berlingot, they believe the arrival of a new baby is the best reason in the world to celebrate.

Remember when you were little and there was nothing better than snuggling up in mom or dad’s lap to listen to a favorite story? Yottoy has been publishing children’s books especially made for those cherished family memories since 1995. Yottoy brings characters to life through its storybooks, plush pals and backpacks. The characters are colorful, full of personality, and the perfect companion for young readers.

From hunter-gatherer days to modern times, humans have had a need to carry things. We’ve stowed items in cured animal stomachs sewn into crude bags, balanced goods on our heads, and toted our tiny children in blanket-based sacks attached to backboards. Thank goodness for the evolution of today’s durable and lightweight backpack –– a stand-up invention for beings who walk on two legs! For versatility and creativity, The Giggle Guide® recommends packing backpacks from these brands in your store: Madpax, Lässig, Crocodile Creek, and Skip Hop.

No Slippy Hair Clippy, Inc.

At approximately 5:15 P.M. on April 27, a huge tornado, known as “The Monster,” hit Alabama, destroying homes, property, and lives. To help those devastated by this horrific event, Krystal Branscome, owner of Downtown Baby, a baby clothing, furniture and gift store in North Tuscaloosa, has made her shop a donation center for children’s supplies. Together with Wagner’s Shoes, another local merchant, Krystal and her helpers load trailers of donations and send them to the Red Cross distribution center from where goods are dispersed to shelters, churches and wherever they are needed.

David Holdridge is the kind of child who thinks about the needs of others. In 2008, when he was just seven years old, he thought up a way to bring his little sister more joy. He knew she loved her soft, fuzzy blanket, and her favorite stuffed lovey. He thought that if he could combine the two, it would surely bring a smile to her face. With the help of his mom Emily, David was able to make his vision a reality, and Happy Blankie was born! Happy Blankies are blankets that kids want to cuddle with at first sight. These cozy covers come in a variety of styles, each featuring an adorable, wide-smiling creature.

A pop-art sculptor. An entrepreneur. A chemist. A pediatrician. Meet the Monahans: the intelligent family behind DANO2. The idea for DANO2 came after Daniel and Chelsea Monahan’s daughter, Bella, was born. She began teething in 2007, when news of lead, phthalates, and BPA in children’s products was making the headlines. These toxic chemicals were found to be prevalent in the paints and plastic of those same products little teething Bella had taken to enjoy chewing on. Chelsea encouraged Daniel to protect his daughter and countless other infants by creating safe toys — and so he did.

Wee Ones, LLC
JP Lizzy

Businesses are started with intentions of being successful. Growth is a key to realizing that goal. There’s a familiar old saying –– “If you’re not growing you’re dying” –– and it is so true. However, in today’s challenging economic times, growth is easier said than done. Even so, there are a number of businesses experiencing success. What sets these companies apart? Are they lucky? Are they overflowing with resources? Not necessarily: Companies that do well are those with a strong sense of what they are setting out to achieve. These companies are pressing forward because they desire to grow and have committed to make that happen.