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Baby carriers or slings have been around for thousands of years. They are an easy way to keep an infant close by while mom or dad go about the business of living. While this trend seems like it’s here to stay, there have been some serious safety concerns associated with baby slings and carriers. Many reputable companies have joined the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance to share their talents and become advocates for babywearing standards and safety. The Giggle Guide® applauds the Alliance’s goals and teamwork, and we plan to regularly update our readers on their activities and products. For our first installment we showcase Gypsy Mama, Beco and Moby.

It’s disappointing to put a picture up on the fridge only to have its edges curl or food particles splash across a loved one’s faded face. If only there was a magnetic protective frame cleverly designed to hang vertically or horizontally that also allows personalization and customization. Well, Fancy That, there is! Fancy That Frames are brought to you by the Bearington Collection, a family-owned company dedicated to creating adorable and affordable plush gifts, collectibles and accessories. Since 2000, Bearington has received over 60 industry design awards and nominations.

Not unlike a hiker who discovers he is lost and begins to panic, some business owners have experienced similar distress when their business fails to perform at an expected level. The hiker hopefully remembers some basic survival tools to help him out of his situation. For example, S.T.O.P. (Sit-Think-Observe-Plan) is an acronym survivalists use to remember how to remain calm and keep a level head when trying to figure out how to get back to safety. Company managers of any business type can use this same acronym if they find themselves in an uncomfortable position and would like to get their business back to a safe place.

Bibi & Mimi
Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. (K.I.D.S)

It’s ideal for families to sit down together to enjoy mealtimes. But sitting down is a bit of a misnomer. In reality, most parents with toddlers are getting up constantly to grab thrown silverware or bottles, having to wash the items before placing them back in their little one’s hands, just to see them flung again. What if you could sell something to parents so they would have what they need at their fingertips, without bending and cleaning throughout dinnertime? Then you’d have a gold mine… or The Highchair Organizer.

These days, parents are encouraged to get their little ones away from teeth-altering baby bottles and more toward actual cups around age one. While a sippy cup provides a good transition from bottle to standard cup, it’s not the only alternative. Enter the Lollacup, an adorable straw-based alternative made the U.S.A. The flexible straw on the Lollacup has a weighted end that anchors it in the liquid to help young children drink effectively at most angles, letting them learn how to sip without major spillage.

Rock on mothers-to-be! These women work, socialize and lead active lives so they want — and need –– to look sharp all the time. Now that pregnancy fashion is no longer an oxymoron and bellies are proudly displayed, moms-in-waiting embrace body skimming dresses and fabulous tops, leggings and skirts, just like their unpregnant selves. Many manufacturers go for the gold, offering maternity styles that are on trend and comfortable to wear; so be sure clothes that are hits for misses are among your offerings. Here’s a trio of brand suggestions: Isabella Oliver, Bellyssima and Baby On Board Apparel.

All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC Kids Expo)

Parents may not like showing their own age, but they sure love a chance to show off their little one’s! Liz had a baby son and realized just how fast time can go. She also realized that unless she looked at the date of her photos, she wasn’t always so sure about just how old her child was on some of those special days. Sure, many parents photograph their kid by a handmade sign displaying the age of their little one, but slapping a BabySmiles sticker on an outfit they already own is far more adorable and extremely affordable.

Children's Club - New York, New York (10/2/11 - 10/4/11)

I have been preaching for years to recognize the difference between a “brand” and a “commodity.” I see both at every trade show. Walk down any aisle and look at the signage, photography, product display and the professional demeanor of the sales team. Brands promote a certain image in every detail. Commodities are there to “just sell dresses, shoes, shirts, pants, or other ‘kinda-like-them toos’”. The brands are busy writing orders. At the ENK Children’s Club for Spring 2012, brands once again were the show stoppers, including Sweet Potatoes, Trish Scully and Real Kids Shades (RKS).

Even though the days are cooling off, all eyes are turned toward the latest and greatest summer fashions for 2012. Retailers and consumers are hungry for something different — especially for clothing that busts out of the safety zones that have marked recession fashion. The trends in the higher-end collections lean more toward eye-catching asymmetrical garb, luscious floral prints in bright hues, gorgeous pleats, and attention-getting ruffles. The Giggle Guide® shows next year’s sizzle from Eternal Creation, Scout Collection, and Joules.

Michael Scott Studio
Satsuma Designs

As parents attempt to involve their children in a healthy eating regime, the need for more peaceful mealtimes becomes increasingly important. After spending their entire meals playing a game of fetch with their nine-month-old son at dinner, David and Amy Oh wised up and looked for a better way to keep the little one entertained while keeping the family unit together. They did what so many creative parents have done before to solve a need: invented it. “It” in this case being The Grapple™, a tethering system that keeps toys where they belong: on the table and off the floor.