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The Limeapple mission is simple: offer exceptional girls’ clothing for healthy living and fun. In line with their designs that radiate happiness and the joy of life, this Canadian-based company’s philosophy aims to support the highest ethical standards and fair practices. Limeapple strives for a world where style, comfort, health, wellness, and fairness are priorities. Limeapple has three clothing lines, all created for the modern girl: Limeapple Sport, Girl & Co. and Royal Couture all provide girls with stylish yet comfortable clothing designed to fit active lifestyles.

Who says that learning to communicate well has to be an exercise in tedium? The folks at Fundex Games have figured out a great way to help everyone, from students on up, to practice their communication skills in an exciting new game. Billed as “The Game of Construction by Instruction”, InStructures goes well beyond architecture: it actually has enjoyable learning down to a science.The developer of such popular games as Jarts and Gnip Gnop, Fundex has been bringing quality fun to families for over 25 years.

Who can forget Louis Armstrong’s powerful ballad, “What a Wonderful World”? The song reminds us all to take a look at our surroundings and really appreciate the true beauty and splendor that is everywhere we turn. He sang about the colors of the rainbows, trees of green, skies of blue and clouds of white in a way that vividly creates images in our minds of the colors of our beautiful world. Bestselling picture book author and illustrator, Ashley Wolff’s newly released hardcover edition, Baby Bear Sees Blue, celebrates these beautiful colors in a tale of discovery and wonder.

pediped footwear
Feather Baby

It’s that time of year again. March Madness. No, I’m not talking about college hoops. I’m referring to the high-stakes arena of fashion magazines. Second only to the September issues, March scores the most advertising revenue each year, as design houses drop huge sums for the chance to showcase their spring lineups. In the ad game, money doesn’t decide the winner. Your publicity machine — be it print ads, paid blogger sponsorships or television spots — can only put points on the board if it reinforces your brand and pre-sells your goods. In advertising, ROI, or return on investment — both the tangible and intangible kind — is the ultimate goal.

Quick: picture a daydreamer hard at work. Can’t do it? Daydreamers aren’t usually associated with go-getters. Typically thought of as laid-back and passive, daydreamers are actually anything but lazy. Research scientists Kalina Christoff of UBC and Jonathan Schooler of UCSB monitored subjects with wandering attention, and have drawn the same conclusion that other studies have shown: daydreaming is not for slackers. The real question has nothing to do with whether daydreaming is beneficial, but rather how this brain power can be tapped and turned into the concrete. The answer? Daydream Toys.

Whether it is one princess and a table full of stuffed guests, several little girls gathered in their finest, special tea time with grandma, a pouting little brother forced to be the two in his sister’s tea, plain or fancy, tea parties are a cherished, timeless pastime. Tea sets can be found in a variety of styles: made of plastic, enamelware, porcelain or wood, modern or classic, brightly colored or painted by hand, there is the perfect set for every little girl. The Giggle Guide® serves up a party that includes sets from Jack Rabbit Creations, Beatrix Potter by Reutter Porcelain, I’m Still Me and Melissa & Doug.

All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC Kids Expo)
Woombie (KB Designs, LLC)

Parents lovingly store favorite stuffed animals for their future grandchildren, but even with the best of intentions and storage systems, there’s no escaping the unmistakable musty smell of an old friend called back from pasture. The universal truth is, all old toys will have to be washed. And to those carrying a 20-year-old delicate teddy who has undergone multiple surgeries, that can be a daunting process. Your customers will love you for carrying the perfect solution: Teddy Needs a Bath.

First one discovers an unmet need. Next follows the ambition to start a business. Driving this initial momentum is the passion to contribute to the market place, the dream of business success and of course, hope for financial independence. However, once the honeymoon is over and the realities of owning a business become apparent, it can be challenging to maintain that initial momentum and enthusiasm that launched the company. Well, don’t lose F.A.I.T.H. –– Focused tasks , Attainable goals, Individual responsibility, Traceable efforts and Heart-felt support. Keep these in mind to help reignite the enthusiasm that once propelled your business.

Fashion-forwardness in the infant and toddler set is becoming a hot trend for designers. No longer content with mass-marketed clothes, many parents want sartorial uniqueness for their mini me’s wardrobe. Enter Little Trendstar, whose name says it all. The brand is dedicated to little kids with big personalities. Creator Nicole Worth knows kids love the spotlight; she’s seen it countless times in her own two little boys. Her designs are all about capturing attention by focusing on fashionably creative graphics and plenty of style. Little Trendstar has already released seven new designs for 2012, including Beat Goes On, a guitar graphic tee that embodies the spirit of a true performer.

Caletha Crawford
ABC Spring Educational Conference & Trade Show
Toy Fair - New York City, New York (2/12/12 - 2/15/12)

New York City played host to nearly 27,000 industry professionals from more than 100 countries when the four-day 109th American International Toy Fair showed off more than 100,000 products at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. “Toy Fair has evolved into one of the greatest shows on earth, attracting powerful players from the $83 billion global toy industry,” said Carter Keithley, TIA President. “Our show is proven to be a critical stop on the global toy circuit and a magical, exciting experience for all who come.” Here are a few of the showstoppers discovered by The Giggle Guide’s Leesa Valentino at the latest Toy Fair: Greenzys, Follow Me Fairies, Joi Dolls and Dazzu.