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Socks are an essential part of any wardrobe. Gone are the days of boring, solid colored socks. Today, even the tiniest toes have a more colorful and cozy selection of socks than ever before! For babies, socks that look like shoes are adorable and make quite the fashion statement. Socks that let children express their individuality through bold patterns, bright colors, and awesome animals are a huge hit with kids and parents alike. Companies like Sock it to Me, Happy Socks, Zutano and Bibi & Mimi are creating high-quality socks for little feet that have toes wiggling and feet tapping.

Perry Mackin is a line of chic and functional diaper bags. These mom-designed bags aren’t just high on style, they are built to last with the functionality to make mom’s childcare tasks a little easier. There are five different styles in the line: Zoey, Harper, Alexis, Billy, and Amy. The Perry Mackin line comes fully equipped with features and accessories, including a bottle warmer pocket, a diaper changing pad and pouch. Each bag is fully lined and easily cleaned. The interior of each bag was designed to have large, sectioned pockets surrounding every side, and multiple interior zippered pockets.

The Babymoon Pillow was created when designer, Kelly Su couldn’t find a solution for her 3 month old’s “flat head”. Flat Head Syndrome is a common issue and can lead to long-term mis-forming of the skull. As more and more families are following guidelines to put their babies to sleep on their backs, Flat Head Syndrome has also risen. The Babymoon Pillow was designed to ease flat head for babies that love lying on their back. Not intended for use during sleep, this donut shaped pillow keeps the baby’s head elevated off the floor or seat, providing light neck support and eliminating pressure on the back of the head.

Baby Banz Inc.

Looking incredibly sharp is important to tweens, who flaunt their style and eye each other’s stuff to be sure theirs is up to snuff. Girls love to be able to show off a new handbag, pair of shoes or bathing suit cover up and bask in the compliments they get. After all, for the time being, it is all about them. Here are some brand recommendations for cool clothes and accessories made to help young girls feel like they belong: 9’s Swimwear, !iT Jeans, LUV Footwear and m.adonia kids.

a-door-nimals are a versatile creation from the minds and hearts of two grandmas. An a-door-nimal is a baby-friendly stuffed animal holding a high-quality dry erase board heart. The animals were originally created to be used as birth announcements to decorate hospital room doors. a-door-nimals can be hung on the outside of the door with a message that includes baby name, birth date, weight, and any other info parents want to share. Because the writing surface is a dry erase board, parents can easily change the message. Moms can write, “shhh… napping” or “privacy please, nursing baby.”

Diaper industry giant Huggies has announced the winners of the 2011 Huggies MomInspired Grant program. The program provides $15,000 in seed money and business resources to inventors of original products that make caring for a baby easier and more enjoyable. Moms have long been a source for ingenuity and creativity in the baby industry, and the Huggies Grant program is acknowledging and fostering this great resource. We applaud Huggies for their support of the entrepreneurial spirit! Let’s take a look at some of the 2011 winners: Bobee, Magnificent Baby, Kristi G, and Psi Bands.

HALO® Innovations

Joseph and Laralyn RiverWind are the founders and co-owners of Native Touch, an all-natural body care company. Based in western North Carolina, Native Touch knows one thing that sets them apart from other body care companies is that they are not rebottlers. All Native Touch products are original, proprietary recipes formulated by Laralyn, an herbal biologist. Native Touch’s philosophy is inspired by the teachings of their elders, who taught them, if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your body. Their vision for the future revolves around the ancient indigenous wisdom of basing the decisions of today on the way it will affect the next seven future generations.

Retailers may still be making final buying decisions for the 2012 fall and holiday season. Top off the season with one of the biggest trends: hats, hats, hats! From traditional pom-pom caps to fantastical ski masks, the perfect hat should go with any coat, dressy or play, but have enough detail to set it apart from everyday stocking caps. Our picks all have unique elements, plus are warm enough for little ears while also being adorable enough to make parents skip the local drugstore 2-for-1 sale and head to your store: Ambler, 2HKnits, Virginia Dunn and Patouche.

Boho chic has long been in vogue for adults, but it’s making its way into the children’s world with parents who like to share their style with their offspring. Capitalize on this burgeoning trend with Mademoiselle à Soho. Raised by a Romanian actress mother and a director father, Alexana’s flair for the dramatic is apparent throughout her collection of unique clothing for infants and older children. Her bohemian clothing is the perfectly playful blend of practical and trendy. While her items are sold separately, you’ll want to feature some of them just as she does on her site: as complete outfits she refers to simply as Looks.

pediped footwear

We assume those who are quite persuasive are those who can “sell umbrellas in the desert.” When we think about an umbrella, we think of rain and then jump to the conclusion that if someone is able to sell something that is useless to a group of people, as with the umbrellas for desert dwellers, they must be good — right? Wrong! People who manage to convince us to buy items we don’t need may be persuasive, but they won’t hold our trust for long. On the other hand, those truly persuasive individuals who are able to sell umbrellas in the desert are people who can see our true wants and needs and either offer or repurpose a product to satisfy those desires.