No Slippy Hair Clippy, Inc.

The clip that stays in.

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No Slippy Hair Clippy is the winner of the 2008 Earnie Award for design excellence in the world of hair accessories. This prestigious fashion award is voted on each year by retail stores throughout the United States, and awarded to one outstanding company.

Our products are patent-pending and unique. We fully wrap each hair clip in the highest-quality Swiss Velvet, so it’s soft against your daughter’s head, and tuck a small, safe magnet under the velvet for a secure clasp. Our baby bows® are beautifully hand-crafted, and guaranteed not to slip or slide in even a few strands of delicate hair.

Accept no imitations! A No Slippy Clip® is the finest hair clip on the market today.
We invite you to browse our store, and become our next new frequent shopper!

801 Alamo Drive • Vacaville, California 95688
Phone: (800) 466-7304
Local: (925) 846-8570
Fax: (888) 280-3831

Latest Buzz

Before No Slippy Hair Clippy entered the marketplace, there was a gaping void in children’s hair accessories. In the early days, Annie Salyer was one of the first sales reps for No Slippy. Then she and husband Ramey became partners and in 2005, took over as majority owners. Today, Ramey handles financial and legal issues for the company while Annie works as lead designer and oversees much of the company’s marketing.

KidShow - Las Vegas, Nevada (2/17/14 - 2/19/14)

This February, with celebrations of Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day, thoughts turn to personal achievements, leadership and, most of all, the loves and motivating passions of our lives. Passion, leadership and love for the children’s industry can all be found at KIDShow Las Vegas, at Bally’s on February 17-19, 2014. A sampling of KIDShow exhibitors shared with me about their own personal passions and what motivates them to be a leader in the children’s business: No Slippy Hair Clippy, CIRCUS 212, Le Top/Rabbitmoon, Coral & Reef, and Wee Ones.


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Contact Information
Mailing Address
801 Alamo Drive
Vacaville, CA 95688
United States
Primary Contact
(925) 846-8570
(800) 466-7304
(888) 280-3831 Fax
Sales Contact
Annie Salyer
Press/PR Contact
MaryLenore Arsenault
(615) 460-7485
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Awards & Accolades
  • 2008 Earnie Award for design excellence in the world of hair accessories
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